Re-Borne sterile, 100% liquid bovine colostrum is the all natural source for performance, recovery and heath. All horses can benefit from the antibodies, natural growth factors and nutrients Re-Borne provides.

Is your horse suffering from the stress of shipping? Is your horse experiencing poor skin condition? Do you need to boost your horse's appetite? Is your horse having frequent intestinal upset? Do you want to build muscle and increase endurance in your horse?

With Re-Borne you can now reduce stress & improve performance - the natural way!

Feeding Instructions

Initial dose of 20 ml per day for fourteen (14) days and then tapering down to 10 ml per day for an additional fourteen (14) days. Continue with 10 ml as needed.

.45 litres (450 ml) - $ 99.95 (plus $ 14.95 s&h)
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100% sterile, liquid bovine colostrum