Egyptian Oil Massage & Sweat Preparation

The original medicinal massage/sweat preparation - don't be fooled by imitations! Egyptian Oil is our trade name for a custom-blended, stimulating massage/sweat preparation comprised of various medicinal oils. It is used to increase circulation and relieves stiff or strained muscles and sore joints. It helps to relieve pain and soreness associated with knee, ankle, hock, stifle and back joints and muscles.

Copied, but never duplicated, this formula is a special blend of olive, peanut, mineral, sassafras, pine needle and lanolin oils, as well as other important ingredients. Egyptian Oil is an excellent massage oil and does not scurf or blister. It is truly two products in one. Supplied with a product saving pop-up top for waste-free application.


Apply daily and before training, competition or racing. Massage the affected joint or muscle area for a five (5) minute period until fully absorbed.  If used as a leg sweat, apply for three (3) consecutive days at a time. Follow up with Witch Hazel or some other cooling leg brace for three (3) consecutive days. Repeat process as required to keep soreness out of the affected area. If applied properly, improvement should begin within one (1) week. Maintain usage to prevent conditions from recurring.

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Special blend of olive, peanut, minerals, sassafras, pine needle and lanolin oils, as well as other important ingredients