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Nutri-Plus++ | 25 lb Pail


Nutri-Plus++ is a multi-vitamin, mineral, blood building, electrolytes and amono acids daily supplement that is very cost effective. It provides all neccessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that performing horses require to keep their blood count up and be their best.

Why Nutri-Plus++ is Different from All The Others?

Nutri-Plus++ is rich in:

 - Blood Building Nutrients: Folic Acid, Iron & Copper

 - Essential Amino Acids: DL-Methionine, L-Lysine & L-Threonine

 - Vitamin E and Selenium: 16,000 I/U of Vitamin E & 36 PPM of Selenium per pound, Delivers         2,500 I/U per serving, Source of Vitamin E is DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl acetate

 - Biotin: 32 mg per pound

 - Vitamin C: 12,000 mg per pound, Delivers 1,500 mg per serving

 - Basic Electrolyte: Included in this product at no additional cost

Feeding Instructions: Feed 2 oz. daily per performing horse (scoop enclosed). Feed only 1 oz. if not working daily.

25 lb pail = $179.95 (plus $28.95 s&h)

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