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Biotin 240 with DL-Methionine | 25 lb Pail


A  high quality blend of biotin and methionine for horses. Biotin is one of the enzymes encouraging energy generation processes in horses such as fatty acid synthesis, gluconeogenesis, as well as amino acid and cholesterol metabolism. It also plays an integral part in hoof growth and quality.

The highly respected dl-methionine is added to our carefully balanced and very palatable formula to create a well rounded daily nutritional supplement improving the hardness and integrity of horses’ hooves.

Biotin is a B vitamin assisting in the production of keratin which plays a vital role in the formation of connective tissues, and dl-methionine is an amino acid that supplies the sulfur necessary for the cross-linking of connective tissue fibers that give hooves their strength.

25 lb pail

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